Update v. 1.149 – Release Notes

The following adjustments have been made with the update that has just been installed:


  • A non-functioning Avatar has been disabled

New stuff:

  • New Dresses in the Item Mall, the “Admiral” and the “Fox” Avatar.
  • Jewel Box Event has been activated and is active until 9.10.2023. In addition to the pictured winnings, 1 Silk will be credited for each Jewel Box that is picked up (only visible after Relog or Teleport).
  • Double Exp event activated on all servers, also this will last until 09.10.2023 inclusive.
  • Quest title: the new quest title which can be selected if all quests up to level 70 have been solved completely (only one quest thread counts, so you have to solve at least all quests of the Chinese or the European area and all following ones.
  • The Stall Network is now fee free.

I wish everyone a great time and have fun playing!


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