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Latest documentaries:

  • Rev6 & the unique log
    Good evening, as some have already noticed there have been some minor issues with the Unique Log on Rev6 recently, these can now be fixed. Rev6 is already active in a new look and can be used by everyone, it has been made sure that it is usable for most devices, because it is a […]
  • Job Coin Shop #EleforExclusive
    The Job Coin Shop is located in Hotan at the Item Manager right in the center. Here you can find various useful items, which can be purchased for the currency Job Coin and Gold. The items from this store are tradable and thus can then be resold to other players, should they not be used […]
  • Job Coin #EleforExclusive
    The Job Coin, in addition to Gold and Silk, is another currency used in Elefor to make the job system more attractive. Job Coins have a value of 250,000 gold and can be sold at any NPC for that amount. However, the black market usually holds a higher amount, so trading the coins can be […]
  • Job Buff #EleforExclusive
    Everyone who moves on the job is automatically strengthened by the ability “Worker’s Strenght Lv 1”! Worker’s Strenght Lv 1 Weekly Job Buffs: The weekly job buffs are obtained by being active in your job. The first 3 places of the weekly ranking receive the following buffs and keep them for one week. Weekly Speed […]
  • new homepage
    Welcome to the new website of Elefor.The purpose of this page is to share the idea behind Elefor with everyone, and to give everyone the necessary information to identify with it. Important information: I am always available for questions or suggestions. SwissMosca