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Latest documentaries:

  • Jewel Box Event & free Silk
  • Double EXP Event
    From now until Monday 5.02.2024 a double EXP event will take place on all servers.We wish everyone good luck in reaching level 90! Elefor Team
  • Winter Event Winner’s
    A total of 4067 snowflakes were collected during the winter event, here are the winners: Pandora Shadowbolt 72 With_Pearl 41 Shadow_Knigh 14 Linda 10 Pure_Terror 8 Lucifer 2 Prometheus Ziweg 770 Boom 652 Noema 320 Terry 295 dArtagnon 271 Ging 266 CarovnikOz 237 Mortel 213 xbrakeR 192 Hector 116 Percilia 116 _ZemTeX_ 101 Pepii 56… Read more: Winter Event Winner’s
  • Winter Event
    The winter event on Elefor starts on 11.12.2023! This ends on 11.01.2024The team wishes you happy holidays and a Merry Christmas! Find and kill the SnowFlakes that appear randomly all over the map!These drop snowflakes, collect 10 of them and redeem them! The characters with the most snowflakes collected will receive an additional reward! 10… Read more: Winter Event
  • Ghost Sung Sung and Special Goods
    Hello,Ghost SungSung has disappeared and will not appear again soon! Furthermore, after the poll, the Special Goods time was changed from 18:00 – 18:30 to 19:00 -19:30 (only this time!) If this time does not suit some people, you can still vote and change your mind in the poll on my Youtube profile, I will… Read more: Ghost Sung Sung and Special Goods