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Latest documentaries:

  • Update 1.154
    The update that has just been made includes the following bug fixes: Neu dazugekommen ist:
  • 10. Degree – Level CAP 100
    BUG INFO: DO NOT USE SETTINGS FROM LAUNCHER!After a long wait and with great anticipation, I am pleased to inform you that Elefor will take the next step on April 30, 2024 and all servers will be updated to the 10th degree! what’s new? New Launcher Thanks to a lot of preparatory work by JellyBitz,… Read more: 10. Degree – Level CAP 100
  • Easter Event 2024
    From now on the Easter event is running, collect Easter eggs which are dropped by monsters and bring them to the So-Ok NPC in town to exchange them for gifts.The event runs until 8.4.2024, don’t forget to exchange all eggs until then! Happy Easter wishes Elefor
  • Jewel Box Event & free Silk
  • Double EXP Event
    From now until Monday 5.02.2024 a double EXP event will take place on all servers.We wish everyone good luck in reaching level 90! Elefor Team