• Ghost Sung Sung and Special Goods

    Ghost SungSung has disappeared and will not appear again soon!

    Furthermore, after the poll, the Special Goods time was changed from 18:00 – 18:30 to 19:00 -19:30 (only this time!)

    If this time does not suit some people, you can still vote and change your mind in the poll on my Youtube profile, I will keep an eye on this!


  • Update v. 1.150 – Release Notes

    The following adjustments have been made with the update that has just been installed:


    • Jobbuff Speed, modified some values to fix the overlap bug
    • Alchemy Tabs 76+ now dropped from 9th degree
    • All Jobquest items can be sold now to npc
    • New Map with lot of fixes was added*

    New stuff:

    Ghost Sungsung, a scary unique is spawning around the world every 15-30 minutes and has some gifts for you!

    New Dresses in the Item Mall:

    • Witch Dress
    • Mummy Dress

    *New Client installation file was uploaded, contains the new map package, if you do not want to download the whole client again, you can manually download only the map.pk2 from this link: you can play the game with the old map pk2 too, but not getting the same game experience.

  • some October information

    The double EXP Event has ended.
    The JewelBox Event has ended.

    A Halloween event is planned for the end of October, more information will follow in the next few days.

  • Update v. 1.149 – Release Notes

    The following adjustments have been made with the update that has just been installed:


    • A non-functioning Avatar has been disabled

    New stuff:

    • New Dresses in the Item Mall, the “Admiral” and the “Fox” Avatar.
    • Jewel Box Event has been activated and is active until 9.10.2023. In addition to the pictured winnings, 1 Silk will be credited for each Jewel Box that is picked up (only visible after Relog or Teleport).
    • Double Exp event activated on all servers, also this will last until 09.10.2023 inclusive.
    • Quest title: the new quest title which can be selected if all quests up to level 70 have been solved completely (only one quest thread counts, so you have to solve at least all quests of the Chinese or the European area and all following ones.
    • The Stall Network is now fee free.

    I wish everyone a great time and have fun playing!


  • Update v. 1.149 – Advance information

    After a long summer break, I have now found a little time to make a few improvements and would like to implement them in the next few days.

    • Any fees at the marketplace in the city will be set to 0, be it costs for the deposit as well as the fees which are incurred for the sale.
    • With the update starts a 2 week double EXP event
    • With the update starts (once again) the old known Jewel Box Event (2 weeks)
    • With the update the next quest title will be added (one of the two previous quest titles & tasks from Hotan until the monsters of level 70 have been completed)

    It is possible that I will add something to the above list, but I don’t have more information about the time of the update start and duration.