• Rev6 & the unique log

    Good evening, as some have already noticed there have been some minor issues with the Unique Log on Rev6 recently, these can now be fixed.

    Rev6 is already active in a new look and can be used by everyone, it has been made sure that it is usable for most devices, because it is a table-based tool, it is recommended to always view the page in landscape format to have all columns in view.

    Regarding the unique logs, these will be adjusted soon, and thus bring the following changes:

    • Unique Kills im Job werden im Spiel wieder angezeigt, dabei wird der Jobname ausgewiesen
    • On Rev6, however, the kills are shown exclusively with the character’s name and are thus also counted correctly
    • The kills in the job set the status of the Unique to Dead, and thus it no longer appears among the living Uniques on
    • A new status is added, “Unknown”, this is displayed when the unique is possibly spawned but this could not be logged (e.g. server start or no player online)

    I have worked out these adjustments based on your comments and wishes and will incorporate them in the next few days.

    I am always available for questions or suggestions.


  • new homepage

    Welcome to the new website of Elefor.
    The purpose of this page is to share the idea behind Elefor with everyone, and to give everyone the necessary information to identify with it.

    Important information:

    • The store has moved to the member’s area and can be reached under Play -> Login.
    • Rev 6 is still under revision and will become more convenient to use for cell phone users over time.
    • The account management is still being adapted in just such a way that it is better integrated into the new site in terms of color and function.

    I am always available for questions or suggestions.


  • Double EXP Event

    Herewith I may inform you that with start 19.05.2023 19:30 Summertime, the double experience points event will start and will last until Monday 22.05.2023 at about 06:30 Summertime.

    During this time you will receive double experience points.
    Log in and be there to get closer to your desired level!

  • Inofrmations about the update 1.146
    • Correction: Task: Flying man over running man (Collect 130 flags of the Hyungno spirit soldier (%d) -> Collect 130 flags of the Hyungno spirit (%d)
    • Correction: Task: White Tiger’s skin Quest 2, created own task item (White Tiger Skin 2)
    • Launcher: Improved version (rules are now only displayed in the launcher itself and are confirmed for 24 hours after confirmation)
    • Event Elixirs are now stackable
    • Easter event was finished