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- Events: Event on Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00 p.m CEST

if you notice problems with the new launcher version, feel free to contact us by mail or discord pn SwissMosca

Server Stats

New Implementations

Hotan Arena Manager - SP Scrolls - EXP Srolls - Job Pets - Elixir - Alechemy Tablets - Item Mall Items
Gain Jobcoins by doing Job - after relog you will get it
- LvL 70 and above Job Quests - EXP - SP - GOLD
Joblevel 4-7 - yellow Jobtitel in front of your Name
35-70 Tougi Village 8D SOM Weapon
71-80 Flame Mountain @ Flamecow King Endboss higher SOM drop Rate (1* rare, 2* medium, 3* high, 4* very high)

Old Features

SILK ITEMS - SHOP for Donations. Find the Silk Items @ ITEM MALL ingame.
- Bandit Fortress
Capture The Flag 2x/Day
EXP Event - Drop Event - Unique Event - Hide & Seek Event - and many more


Some clips captured by our community, feel free to watch, follow and send us ur own videos!


Server-state: Healthy

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