Elefor, Your Silkroad platform https://www.elefor.eu/

Elefor, a free platform around “Silkroad Online” which is operated as a private project since the beginning of 2019. This platform offers all interested parties, whether professional or beginner, the opportunity to let off steam.

Our Projects


Elefor – Beta Phase

our first Silkroad P-Server was set up and tried to adapt the concept to it.


Server Pandora

The server has finished the beta phase and has officially opened.


Elefor – REV6

Rev 6, the opportunity to ensure transparency, to view the game is published.


NEW Server Prometheus

The new server Prometheus has been opened, this one brings adapted rules and settings to meet the wishes of the community.


Elefor – Wiki

The Elefor Wiki will be published, and should offer newcomers and confirmed Silkroad players the possibility to get information about the game and to make their own knowledge available to others.


Here you get insights into the Elefor Discord to connect and share directly with the community yourself!

Karavane auf https://www.elefor.eu/

History: Many years ago, the 3 “founders”, they could not be more opposite, ran into each other and have spent many hours together in the game, but also personally with each other. This inevitably led to finding a common goal, and this was a server, without any glitter and glamor. After several attempts and the decision, the “groundbreaking” was then set in 2019 and the whole project started rolling. As each of them had limited skills, the 3 of them were a good team at the beginning. But over time, as so often happens, there were more and more tensions and so the bond between the 3 broke and it remained Pandora and SwissMosca.

SwissMosca and Elefor: The project is very close to my heart and I invest a lot of time and work to keep it running. But not only, many ideas that also come from the community and fit the concept, I implement continuously. But due to the fact that I only do this as a hobby, and only by working on the project itself, I gain access to related materials, constantly learn new things, and often encounter obstacles that are impossible at the time, the development is sometimes slow.

SwissMosca, more information on https://www.swissmosca.ch/

Additional information to SwissMosca on https://www.swissmosca.ch/