The game, short and sweet

Over 180 different monsters

Over 250 different tasks

At least 200 hours of gameplay

In this game, everything revolves around the trade between the different trading posts on the Silk Road, which is often disrupted by thieves, and therefore must be defended.

The goal is to join one of the 3 guilds (merchants, protectors, or thieves), and then complete its task as well as possible to accumulate a considerable fortune.

The Trader Guild, is an association of all the merchants who travel the Silk Road, it ensures that each of you gets fair prices by selling goods.

The trade routes are based on the 6 major cities, between which many different routes are taken, and the 4 smaller outposts, some of which are hidden in remote locations.

The Hunter Guild, is responsible for making the trade routes safe paths for the merchants, and the Protectors are appointed to accompany the merchants on their journeys.

A part of the profit made on the sale of goods is paid to the protector immediately, and once a week he receives his pay from the guild.

The Thieves guild, operates in secret, it has its own city where the looted goods are sold to turn them into gold.

The thieves make it difficult for the merchants to travel and make the trade routes unsafe.

Usually they show up as fast as they disappear afterwards, after the robbery, there is usually not much time to retrieve the goods.

But it’s not only players who make the traders’ work difficult; numerous monsters also lurk along the paths.

Some of them you have to kill in the first minutes of the game to complete the basic training, so that at level 20 you can make the preliminary choice of profession.

There are hundreds of different quests waiting for you, including running errands and hunting the various monsters to bring their coveted body parts to the cities, or even just on assignment to kill a certain amount.

Discover the different landscapes, on the way through the 16 regions.

Explore the tunnels and caves that will always present you with new challenges.

Fight with your guild for one of the 3 big fortresses,

and slay boss monsters, which are always up to mischief.

From Asia to Europe, from Europe to Asia.

Each race has 3 armor classes, cloth, light and heavy armor, with corresponding advantages and disadvantages.

Through the unique abilities system, you have the possibility to create your own unique character and compete with it.

Chinese can learn to use the following weapons, sword & shield, spear and bow & arrow.

In addition to the different weapons, there is the possibility to control the elements, so you can control fire, ice, lightning and force to perform useful protection and attack spells.

Europeans can learn to use crossbow, one-handed sword, two-handed sword, axes, wand, harp, and dagger.

These can be played by learning two of the ability supergroups which include Warlock, Cleric, Bard, Wizard, Warrior or Rouge.

Structuring the game

Level 1-5

Basics Get to know

The best way to get to know the game is to follow the available tasks

Level 5-10

Advanced basics

Get to know the game better by completing the tasks.
The first inventory expansion can be tackled.

Level 10-20

Hard fight

Many tasks need to be completed, by now you know the basics and can face the fight against Cerberus or Tiger Girl.

Level 20-30

The working world is calling!

Choose your vocation and try to make your first profits with it.


Forgotten World

From level 30 you can enter the “Forgotten World”, destroy the automatically appearing crystals along the way and find one of the rare portals!



In this level area you’ll arrive at the Official Capital, find a lot of tasks there and gradually spread your net over the entire world map.


Stone caves of Donwhang

Explore the stone caves of Donwhang, but stay on your guard, it’s very dangerous!


The 8th Degree

Not only will you be able to gradually face the Isyutauru in Karakoram, you will also gain access to the 4t final armor level.


The Quin Shin Tomb near Jangan

You can now enter the cave at Jangan and be overwhelmed by the size, who may have constructed this cave?


Roc Mountain

The mountains become your playground, Daemon Shaitan is waiting to be defeated!
At the same time you unlock another possible route to trade there.


Deep into the mountain

The Quin Shin cave near Jangan has many corridors, and you get deeper and deeper into the mountain, but be careful, Medusa, likes to turn one or the other into stone!



Is a beautiful and huge city, which eclipses all previous. Fight in the temples for supremacy.

The server’s


Ideal for those who like everything a little more, with the ability to log in up to 3 characters from one computer, you can enjoy the game to the fullest!


Ideal for you if you like it a little more personal, each player may only login with one character, through the tightened rules, you have to play the game as it is actually planned.


Maximum level 100


Mastery = 400
Potions usage delay = 1 second
Restriction when wearing armor = NO


Mastery = 200
Potions usage delay = 16 seconds
Restriction on wearing = armor pieces can only be worn up to the respective learned level


1,5Quest EXP1,5
2Gold Droprate2


Regular small and medium updates are planned to respond to the wishes of the community and to fix any bugs. Also in terms of content, various items can be added continuously. The development of tasks and events is also available and will be published step by step.

Planned level increases

Q4 2022 – 9D Update

D9 Update

With the update to the 9th degree, the area around Roc Mountain and the Quin Shin Tomb near Jangan will be unlocked. Here you will find many new monsters up to level 90. Bring your character to level 90 and enjoy many different new abilities!

10D Update – April 2024

D10 Update

With the upgrade to the 10th degree, you will be able to advance to level 100! The deep corridors in the Quin Shin Tomb will be unlocked, so you can discover a lot of new things!

11D Update – currently not planned (community wish)

D11 Update

The maximum level is hereby unlocked, Alexandria, and many new regions are unlocked to allow adventures in any way!

Event times

02:00 & 06:00 & 10:00 & 14:00 & 19:00 & 22:00Specialty Goods02:00 & 06:00 & 10:00 & 14:00 & 19:00 & 22:00
08:00 & 20:00Capture the Flag08:00 & 20:00
Every 27th from 20:15 – 22:15Fortress WarEvery 5th from 19:30 – 21:30
01:00 & 03:00 & 07:00 & 09:00 & 13:00 & 15:00 & 19:00 & 21:00Battle Arena01:00 & 03:00 & 07:00 & 09:00 & 13:00 & 15:00 & 19:00 & 21:00

by Elefor

To make the job system more attractive, the following changes were made:

  • Horses have a higher base speed
  • Behemod and Lizzard have the highest base speeds
  • Buffalo, rhino and elephant have a reduced base speed

Jobcoin & Shop

An additional store is available in Hotan at the Item Manager, where you can buy many useful items like Premium +, Tickets, Sp Scrolls, Alchemy and much more for Gold and Jobcoins. To dampen the “Pay to Win” factor, the Devil Spirit, for example, is only available in the Job Shop.

Jobcoins can be obtained by being active in the job and making winnings, the specially built in task is automatically activated at level 20, this can be redeemed at the quest So-Ok in Hotan to get the jobcoins.

Silkroad-R Skills

These abilities were built in to give the Chinese race an extra “+”, these are various abilities that were built in for each class. e.g. a damage splitting spell and group healing spells.

Quest Titel

By completing all race-related tasks, you have the possibility to earn yellow titles. The first two are available for all tasks up to Hotan, for Europeans and or Chinese, you can find all the information here.

Jobbased Buffs

  • who performs his profession automatically absorbed by the protection spell 10% of the damage received
  • the first 3 places in each guild will be rewarded weekly with (5% more damage, 10% more luck and 15% more speed)

The use of revival scrolls and reverse return scrolls is severely limited in the job. The Reverse Return Scroll can only be used when you are not spawned for a long time. This ensures that job fights build up more tension.

Item Mall

The Item Mall, allows Silk, items purchased through real money to be obtained more easily, however all item types available in the Item Mall are also available without real money through the Jobcoin Shop.

Easy Start

beginneritems on

To make it easy for everyone to get started with the game, you already get the following items after creating a character:

  • EXP Helper x2 (For 3 hours each)
  • 20 Return Scrolls (For fast travel to the city)
  • Grabpet (28 days)
  • Global (to send a message to the entire server)

A speed boost is active at the start and every few levels you get Speedscrolls, EXP Helper and Seal of Star weapon.

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