Update v. 1.150 – Release Notes

The following adjustments have been made with the update that has just been installed:


  • Jobbuff Speed, modified some values to fix the overlap bug
  • Alchemy Tabs 76+ now dropped from 9th degree
  • All Jobquest items can be sold now to npc
  • New Map with lot of fixes was added*

New stuff:

Ghost Sungsung, a scary unique is spawning around the world every 15-30 minutes and has some gifts for you!

New Dresses in the Item Mall:

  • Witch Dress
  • Mummy Dress

*New Client installation file was uploaded, contains the new map package, if you do not want to download the whole client again, you can manually download only the map.pk2 from this link: https://www.elefor.eu/download/Map.pk2 you can play the game with the old map pk2 too, but not getting the same game experience.

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