Upadte v. 1.147 – Release notes

What’s new:

The launcher has been increased to version 120 with this update and brings a more visually appealing appearance, voting button, news button and a scrollable overview of the latest news! try it out right now!

In the lottery (Magic Pop) there are now a variety of new avatar clothing, in addition to the Shaitan Dress which has been reactivated, the 3 Arabian garments are now also available.

On the website in the service area you can now select the yellow title, which is displayed in front of the name. This selection is updated hourly and populated with any new titles that may have been added.


  • Increase the EXP reward for the 91-100 job quest so that it is greater than the reward received for the 81-90 quest.
  • Adjusted quest description for the 71-90 Forgotten World quest.
  • Adjusted the description of the Hidden Jewel quest so that the number of possible commission coincides with the effective one.
  • Adjusted the name of the teacher in the academy window, this is now called Guardian again as originally intended.
  • The quest Europe Tutorial has been removed from the quest list because it is not implemented.
  • Several fixes for the blue berserkers to fix some bugs (also higher job titles now have more damage output again)

For any questions and suggestions I am as always at your disposal.


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