Job Coin Shop #EleforExclusive

The Job Coin Shop is located in Hotan at the Item Manager right in the center.

Here you can find various useful items, which can be purchased for the currency Job Coin and Gold.

The items from this store are tradable and thus can then be resold to other players, should they not be used for themselves.

Here is a list of the items currently available for purchase in the Job Coin Shop:


  • Turkey Traditional Dress (M)
  • Turkey Traditional Hat (M)
  • Turkey Traditional Dress (F)
  • Turkey Traditional Hat (F)
  • Premium GoldTime PLUS
  • 4-Week Skill Gold Time Ticket
  • 4-Week Gold Time Service Ticket
  • Magic POP Card
  • HP Recovery potion (X-large)
  • MP Recovery potion (X-large)
  • Buffalo (Transport animal)
  • Five Horned Rhinoceros (Transport animal)
  • White Elephant (Transport animal)
  • Pink Pig Summon Scroll (Grab pet)
  • Clock of Reincarnation (Resurrection collectible animal für 28 Tage)
  • Arrows (10.000 pieces)
  • Bolt (10.000 pieces)
  • Devil’s Spirit A grade (M)
  • Devil’s Spirit A grade (F)


  • Weapon elixir
  • Protector elixir
  • Accessory elixir
  • Shield elixir
  • All kinds of Tablets from 9. Degree


  • Skillpoint Scroll (20.000 Skillpoints)
  • Beginner Skillpoint Scroll (500 Skillpoints, but can only be used up to level 30)
  • 100% resurrection scroll
  • Reverse Return Scroll
  • 20% damage absorbtion scroll
  • 20% damage increase scroll
  • Scroll of experience (75%)
  • Scroll of experience (112,5%)
  • Global Chatting

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