Job Coin #EleforExclusive

The Job Coin, in addition to Gold and Silk, is another currency used in Elefor to make the job system more attractive.

Job Coins have a value of 250,000 gold and can be sold at any NPC for that amount. However, the black market usually holds a higher amount, so trading the coins can be more lucrative.

You can buy Job Coins from other players or work them out yourself. From level 20 the corresponding task will be activated automatically.

The Job Coin Quest can be found at the Quest So-Ok in Hotan.

The quest can be repeated as many times as you like.

The quest shows with some delay how many Job Coins you have already earned. As soon as 1 Job Coin has been earned, you can hand it in to the NPC and receive the corresponding Job Coins in return.

For 1 million gold profit you get 1 job coin as a merchant. The same applies to hunters and thieves, but they receive a proportionally higher number of coins.

Job Coin can be used at the Item Manager, Job Coin Shop in Hotan to buy various items. More info in this article: Job Coin Shop

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